These 6 Factors Increase Your Risk Of A Heart Attack


A healthy diet combined with an active lifestyle can help boost heart health

According to WHO, cardiovascualr diseases are the leaing cause of death globally. Whether or not heart diseases run in your family, you must be cautious about your heart health. Considering the steep rise of heart problems globally, one of the best ways to reduce the risk of heart disease is to have a healthy diet along with maintaining a healthy weight. A poor diet can significantly tax the heart and increase the risk of a heart attack. In an Instagram post, Lovneet Batra mentions “6 things that increase heart attack risk.” Let’s take a look at these.

6 risk factors of a heart attack:

1. Smoking

We are well-versed with the impact of smoking on heart health. The chemicals in cigarette smoke thickens the blood and forms clots inside veins and arteries. As per the health expert, blockage from a clot can lead to a heart attack and sudden death. 

2. High blood pressure

Keeping blood pressure levels in check can be beneficial for your heart. High blood pressure can damage arteries by making them less elastic, which in turn decreases the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. This leads to heart attack. 

3. High cholesterol

Did you know High LDL cholesterol can double a person’s risk of heart disease? This is because excess cholesterol can build up in the walls of arteries and limit blood flow to a person’s heart and other organs. 

4. Diabetes

According to Lovneet Batra, “high blood sugar can damage blood vessels and the nerves, controlling your heart.” She explains that a blocked coronary artery can slow or stop blood from supplying oxygen and nutrients to the heart. 

5. Overweight or obesity

Excess weight leads to a build-up of fatty material in the arteries. If the arteries that carry blood to your heart get damaged and clogged, it may lead to a heart attack. 

6. Physical activity

Whether you hit the gym or take a walk in the park, some form of physical activity is essential for good heart health. It is estimated that approximately 35% of coronary heart disease mortality is due to physical inactivity, the nutritionist said.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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