these stocks are the ‘greatest moves of our era’


Investors who sell stocks from a “place of fear” run the risk of missing the “greatest moves of our era,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday. That’s because relying on the rules that worked during 2022’s bear market aren’t holding up anymore, Cramer continued.

There are more than a few stocks that represent powerful value for investors who are able to look past “seemingly random” daily price action, Cramer continued.

Tech stocks, long beaten down, now offer upside for investors, Cramer said. Owning longtime favorite Nvidia has been challenging for investors when PC sales slumped amid the broader economic downturn, Cramer said. But the investors who didn’t sell have enjoyed significant gains this year, especially given the significant growth in the chipmaker’s AI vertical, Cramer continued.

Similar strength can be seen in oft-criticized Meta Platforms, Cramer said. Under CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new “year of efficiency” regime, and attendant layoffs and cost-cutting, investors who stayed in are now reaping the benefits, Cramer argued.

At Apple, GE, and Tesla, all of which experienced significant stock price drops from 2021 prices, investors are similarly rewarded for their patience, Cramer continued.

Bank earnings could throw a spanner in the works, Cramer said, but it’s still a picture-perfect moment for a bull-market rally. According to Cramer, bull markets do best in challenging environments.

Investors should keep one thing in mind as they navigate daily price swings: this, Cramer said, is what it looks like when the market transitions from bullish to bearish. It’s the perfect opportunity to get into the market, Cramer concluded, before everyone else catches on.

Camer: We're in levitation mode

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