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Monday, March 27, 2023
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This Dallas bar has the best margarita in Texas & one of the best in the country: report

DALLAS (KDAF) — Stick with us here, grab a glass, and get some limes, salt, triple sec, and your favorite tequila so that we can have a great time with everyone’s favorite mixed drink on the weekends, the margarita.

This beverage is popular all over the world, but there’s something about sharing pitchers of margaritas with friends around some chips and salsa that Americans just love. Rightfully so we might add.

Have you ever wondered where you can find the best marg in Texas and in every other state in the country? Well, now’s the time to learn as we checked out the highly touted Eat This, Not That!’s report on the best margarita in every state.

“If you start with some good tequila—crafted from the distilled hearts of the blue agave, a succulent grown in the Mexican state of Jalisco—add lime, triple sec or an orange liqueur, fruit purees and have it up, on the rocks, or frozen, and with salt if that’s your thing,” the report said.

So, if you’re hanging around North Texas, you won’t have to travel far as the best marg in Texas can be found at the Big D’s Rattlesnake Bar.

“Picking the best margarita in Texas is a tall order, so we went with the fanciest margarita in town (it’s hard to go wrong here). Nestled in the Ritz-Carlton, the bar’s signature margarita is the definition of an easy drinker with Avion Anejo tequila, Damiana liqueur, agave nectar, a fresh squeeze of lime juice, and a perfect salt rim,” Eat This, Not That! said.



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