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This Dallas wine lounge has it all



DALLAS (KDAF) — Whether you are a wine expert or a newbie, a wine lounge in Cedars Corner is complete with an elegant homey vibe and some of the best wines to tempt your palate.

Distinctive Wines is a wine bar with a laid-back atmosphere that blends the energy of Dallas with the casual atmosphere of your home.

A member of the lounge’s partners, Verllin Taylor, spoke with Inside DFW about how their concept came about.

Taylor said, “The adventure started when all four of the business-minded friends including himself, had put their heads together to come up with a concept for casual wine drinkers as well as wine aficionados.”

Distinctive Vines offers an assortment of flatbreads and desserts to enjoy and pair with your wine selection.

“Don’t worry, if you can’t enjoy your wine and food with us in our establishment, you can purchase a bottle and some bites to enjoy in your home.”



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