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Monday, March 27, 2023
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This is how much a six figure income is worth in California

Earning a six-figure income has long been a sign of success and financial comfort for American workers. Still, with high inflation and cost of living expenses, the yearly income may not be enough to support a life in California.

A new study from Smart Asset analyzed the after-tax income for $100,000 in 76 of the largest U.S. cities and adjusted those figures to represent the cost of living in each place. California cities ranked low for the places where $100,000 had the most purchasing power.

California cities where a six-figure income had low purchasing power:

City Take Home Pay adjusted for inflation and cost of living expenses
Bakersfield $63,539
Sacramento $57,669
Stockton $55,962
Oakland $46,198
San Diego $46,167
Los Angeles $44,623
Long Beach $44,623
San Francisco $36,445

Researchers used the Smart Asset paycheck calculator to determine the after-tax income for multiple cities. They used data from the Council for Community and Economic Research to determine the cost of living expenses for the U.S. included in the study.

While $100,000 may not have much purchasing power in California, the six-figure income goes a long way in other states, mainly due to lower taxes and cost of living rates than in the Golden State.

This is where $100,000 has the most purchasing power:

City Take Home Pay adjusted for inflation and cost of living expenses
Memphis, Tennessee Between $74,515 and $86,444
El Paso, Texas Between $74,515 and $84,966
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Between $70,302 and $84,498
Corpus Christi, Texas $83,443
Lubbock, Texas Between $74,515 and $83,350
Houston, Texas Between $74,515 and $81,350
San Antonio, Texas Between $74,515 and $80,124
Fort Worth, Texas Between $74,515 and $80,124
Arlington, Texas Between $74,515 and $80,124
St. Louis, Missouri Between $69,531 and $79,921

While Texas cities dominated the list of the places with the most purchasing power for $100,000, Memphis, Tennessee, holds the top spot.



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