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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Triple-demic is not over yet


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Doctors and physicians say now is not the time to take off the masks.

This week, the CDC estimates up to 35 hundred confirmed influenza hospital admissions nationally.

Meanwhile, in El Paso County there is an average of almost 5 thousand confirmed COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

But COVID-19, flue and RSV rates have gone down from the early winter peak. Now, doctors and physicians warn that this triple-demic could still see a surge.

One physician even warned of multiple respiratory illnesses to be aware of.

“There are other respiratory viral infections going on,” Dr. Richard Vu, Physician said. “These three infections are the most common ones. So, there are more than just those three infections going on. Even though the rate is going down it’s still important to try to prevent respiratory transmission.”

Officials stress that it is never too late to get your immunizations.

If you frequent an office, airport, school or crowded environment be sure to wash your hands often and wear a mask when around others who may be immunocompromised.

The CDC reports masks can substantially decrease the risk of illness.

But Dr. Vu says herd immunity will keep the rates on a downward trend.

“More and more people got infected or exposed,” Dr. Vu said. “With infection or exposure, people built up immunity to the point where we have reached something called the ‘herd immunity.’ Once we reach herd immunity there’s less and less reservoirs for the viruses to infect. Therefore, the infection rate is coming down.”

If you feel sick, be sure to stay home and minimize your contact with others.

For more questions on the future of the triple pandemic, you can talk with your healthcare provider.