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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Turtle Creek Conservancy Board Chair And Seven New Members Announced

Turtle Creek Conservancy President Tiffany Divis has announced the TCC board’s new leadership and members. Chairing the board is longtime Turtle Creek Park supporter and attorney Bob Kriscunas.

Tiffany Divis (File photo)
Bob Kriscunas (File photo)
Sarah Dodd*
Wendy Messmann (File photo)
Reuben Naranjo (File photo)
Laura Ryan*
Jeanie Schwappac*
Claudia and Jerry Stool*

New board members include the following: Sarah Dodd, Wendy Messmann, Reuben Naranjo, Laura Ryan, Jeanie Schwappach and Gerald “Jerry”  and Claudia Stool.

* Photo provided by Turtle Creek Conservancy


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