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Who is Karim Benzema’s little known wife Cora Gauthier and what does she do?

Real Madrid footballer Karim Benzema is one of the most famous footballers worldwide due to his success with Los Blancos over the years. Yet, although the millions of fans who follow the Frenchman are also interested in his personal life, no one knows much about his wife.

Her name is Cora Gauthier and she is a young French woman who married the Real Madrid striker five years ago, in 2017. They both strive to keep their relationship in privacy, as they married privately, because they wanted to avoid the spotlight.

The French model has long lived between Madrid and London, where she often travels for work, being as discreet as Benzema or even more.

Neither of them publishes pictures in which they can be seen posing alongside each other on social media in their bid to avoid letting anyone know anything about their private and family life.

Benzema and Cora Gauthier in secret

Perhaps it has been Cora who has changed the way Benzema has been dealing with fame. It has to be noted that they never publish anything on social media that suggests that they are a couple.

“I don’t like being in the spotlight, on TV, it’s stupid for me,” Benzema said in the past.

“I have my life, with my family and friends. And it’s also better and easier for them.

“Imagine that: you are four years old and you live your life with the camera behind you. You can lose your mind.”


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