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“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled

A good portion of spiders shed their exoskeletons occasionally so when you happen to come across a “dead” spider, there’s a good chance that it’s just an empty husk and there is another, slightly bigger spider nearby.

Iceinfly , Anthony : ) Report

To learn more about the topic of frightening facts, we reached out to an expert on all things spooky, Steffany Strange, host of the Something Scary Podcast. Steffany was kind enough to have a chat with us about what she loves most about diving into the world of scary. “I think for most of us we can relate and say scary stories help us tap into the unknown or the supernatural,” she told Bored Panda. “But additionally, we as humans have a natural tendency to seek out information in the world/society we live in.”

“I love that folklore, scary stories (especially ghost stories) bring in cultural and historical elements to better understand our emotions and the essence of being human,” Steffany continued. “This makes me think of my grandfather and aunt telling me Salvadorian ghost stories, and it helped me tap into the unknown elements of the supernatural while understanding my own Salvadorian culture.”

We were also curious what sorts of scary things freak Steffany out the most. “The darkness!” she shared. “Your imagination runs wild when the lights go out, and the darkness creeps in. We hallucinate in pure darkness because our brains are biologically wired to fear darkness, amongst other things our brain just does for survival, which I guess brings me to exorcist movies and topics. I think it hits close to home not being able to have control of one’s own body.”

And as far as unsettling facts you pandas are likely to never forget, Steffany has informed us that glitter can cut your eyes. “And we have so much glitter in makeup, so I’m always weary even if it is safe,” she added.

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled **Someone you love will probably get dementia, and it will f*****g suck.**

The human brain is a machine, and like any machine it inevitably breaks down. Imagine a person you love. Imagine their mind starts dying before their body. They cease to be the person you knew, a little bit at a time. They lose their memories – the cherished and the mundane. Then they start looking at their loved ones in terror because nothing makes sense and everyone seems like a stranger. It’s nature at its most cruel.

F**k dementia.

Fresh__Basil , Kindel Media Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled Human a******s can stretch out to 7 inches without tearing and a raccoon can fit in a hole as tight as 4 inches.
You’re welcome

ThatDudeCraig , Marieke Tacken Report

Steffany also says it’s “very healthy to be able to experience some form of safe scares within a form of horror entertainment because it can release us from our everyday reality of tragedy, fears, and anxieties better yet help us cope.”

“I think there’s something about watching scary things or listening to ghost stories and coming out of it much braver and reassessing ‘what would you do’? Or ‘how would you reassess it’? Fear is survival, and that means coming out more courageous and letting go of unnecessary fears,” the host added.

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled You may already be dying, many fatal diseases have no symptoms until it’s too late. You’re welcome.

zerbey , Adrian Swancar Report

“There’s always something about horror and ghost stories that bring us together through culture and I’m so excited to see what this generation brings as I continue to see more diversity and different voices that bring in new perspectives,” Steffany says. “Including myself, being able to be part of something where we can share each other’s cultures and bond over our fears is beautiful underneath the facade of just horror.”

If you’d like to hear more from Steffany about all things horrific and spooky, be sure to check out the Something Scary Podcast. You can listen to the show right here and find their YouTube channel where they release weekly animated videos, alongside the podcast, right here!

Some of your friends might just pretend to like you because you are useful to them and you don’t realize it because they’re just great at hiding it!

JK_posts Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled Lake Superior has dead bodies from the 1920s.

With freezing temperatures and a lack of oxygen, bodies don’t decompose at the rate they would under normal conditions. Sure, they don’t look as “fresh” as the day they died (in fact they’re covered in bodily fat from saponification), but they can be recognized as human remains.

In fact, there’s been this ongoing debate because of the ship SS Edmund Fitzgerald that sank in the 70s, because scuba divers wanted to explore it but the families of the deceased were upset because this is basically a mass grave.

There’s a YouTube channel called Ask a Mortician that just did an episode on this, and I really recommend it. She goes a lot more in-depth about the facts, and even went out there to talk with a surviving Fitzgerald relative.

HumanityIsACesspool , Chaz McGregor Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled How much do you know about your great grandparents?

Because in 50-100 years, that will be how much the world knows about you.

Edit: for those of you stating that information storage and accessibility will allow everyone to easily look back into the past, I challenge you to run a game designed for Windows 95.

Point being, information storage is not a ubiquitous system and as the architecture of software and hardware changes there is certainly a possibility that some systems will require specialised tools and equipment to acess.

Furthermore, social media is the highlight reel of history, not the story. Very few people show their true selves in their twitter or Facebook feed.

Also a number

GolfSierraMike , Laura Fuhrman Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled By you winning the lottery you increase your chances of being murdered by a family member or any other person close to you.

Miakaiana , Peaton Hugo Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled [Komodo Dragons](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ) poison their victims and then follow them for hours on end. Then once the victim is throughly exhausted and poisoned, it tears it to shreds and eats it alive.

Malifry9705 , Mikhail Nilov Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled You never stop watching with your eyes, even when you close them.
Another one: This topic will be dead in few days O.O

OfLord , Everyday_matters Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled Your body produces a cancerous cell about once every thirty minutes.

Your immune system is usually very, very efficient at finding and immediately neutralizing them.

But it’s very possible that thirty minutes from now will be the time your immune system slips up and allows it to reproduce.

GeraltofOuterHeavia , National Cancer Institute Report

every year you pass your death day but you don’t know when it is

willyboy_69 Report

Not exactly useless, but there have been quite a few men who have died at the Grand Canyon because they thought it would be cool to take p**s over a ledge, only to lose their balance.

nakedonmygoat Report

Why am I reading these I already have crippling anxiety, depression and paranoia

Alkirawr Report

The bubonic plague is still alive and well and thrives in such places as Africa and the western United states.

NecrodemusTDO Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled You can have a heart attack and die at any second because of a heart problem you never knew about. There’s one called Brugada syndrome which has no physical evidence and most people aren’t diagnosed with it until they drop down dead and testing is done on immediate family members (it’s genetic) and one of THEM is diagnosed with it. Happened to my father. We found out because I’m the one tested who has it, my uncle and brother got the all clear, chances are my grandad has it too (4 heart attacks since he was in his mid 40s)

SwordTaster , Mikhail Nilov Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled Bed bugs can survive for up to a year without feeding under the correct temperatures. As adults the females can lay 300 eggs in their lifetimes. You could be spending thousands of dollars and eventually just get infested again. And bed bugs are making a comeback after almost being eradicated.

fudgechilli , Morgan Lane Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled According to some research a human head may remain conscious for up to 30 seconds after decapitation. Most notably, a man named Dr. Beaurieux did a series of experiments in the early 1900’s where he yelled at recently decapitated criminal’s heads and saw a response.

gothic-interior , FarinelliMoi Report

Years ago I saw an episode of *Monsters Inside Me* where this guy was doing something outside and a fly flew into his eye. It only made contact for about a microsecond, but it was enough time for it to lay eggs. After they hatched they started eating his eye from the inside and he was starting to go blind until a doctor figured out what was wrong.

Ever since then I get super paranoid whenever a fly goes anywhere near my face because of the scary fact that something like this could possibly happen to me.

-eDgAR- Report

You have almost a 90% chance of breaking a rib by giving effective CPR

SwiftFoxUK Report

In a couple of billion years the sun will expand rapidly and consume the earth. There is nothing we can do to stop this

SPG_superfine77 Report

When people are crucified, they rarely die from bleeding out; instead, they die from asphyxiation, or suffocation. The way their bodies are hung makes it almost impossible to breathe unless they physically hold themselves up instead of just hanging there, and after some many hours it gets to be to much, resulting in oxygen deprivation, unconsciousness, and death.

existential-misery: Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled When someone dies, the last thing the dying person senses is the sense of hearing, then touch, smell, and taste.

The first sense that is usually gone is sight.

Back2Bach , Gabriela Mendes Report

The possibility of conscious anaesthesia paralysis

anon Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled I dunno how useless this is but; You are never 100% safe.

Think about it, no matter what scenario you put yourself in, there will always be some sort of counter measure. Let’s say you built a concrete room that is 10 inches wide with no doors and windows underground, an earthquake could happen, a sinkhole could open up, a ravine could open up, etc.

No matter how safe a situation sounds, it can NEVER be 100% safe.

Edit: However, it is good at making people paranoid tho.

Anarchist42 , cottonbro studio Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled There’s such a thing as “hair splinters.” Hairdressers deal with it all the time after cutting particularly coarse hair, the small pieces can stick in you like a splinter and pose risk of mega infections if you’re unable to get them out.

I’ve seen a stylist friend of mine lose a whole finger due to one tiny sliver of hair.

bradywife , Renan Rezende Report

There are several species of mushroom that implant their spores into insects, creating a kind of zombie that will lose their mind, wander off, die and their corpse will be used as fuel for the next generation of mushroom.

IAmTheGreybeardy Report

There have been 32 reported “broken arrow” incidents in the USA since 1950 (many more in former Soviet countries and other nuclear powers). A broken arrow incident is basically an accident where they lost a nuclear weapon.

Edit: Apparently losing a weapon is called an “empty quiver” incident

tommygun1688 Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled the paris climate accord relies on technologies that do not yet exist, and might never exist, to pull carbon dioxide from the air by future generations. if we reach the paris climate accord goals, including using technologies that do not exist yet, there is at least an 50% chance of staying under the predicted catastrophic temperature rise. Literally coinflipping humanity.

why is this a useless scary fact? because there literally is jack s**t you can do about it in our current societies, beyond voting.

tjeulink , Kouji Tsuru Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled There is a theory in quantum cosmology. It is the hypothesis that our universe is actually a ‘false vacuum’, meaning that it isn’t in its most stable possible configuration. Think of a ball rolling on a surface having several local minima (dents in the surface) but there is only one global minima (the dent which is the deepest). The ball may be in one of the dents which is not the deepest one. So, it is stable for now, but, given the chance it will slide to the deepest dent, which is the lowest energy configuration possible, the so-called ‘true vacuum’.

Now the interesting part. If our universe is, indeed, in a false vacuum, due to something called ‘quantum tunneling’, it may ‘tunnel’ into the true vacuum, creating a bubble of lower energy. Once this lower energy bubble is formed, it expands, engulfing the entire universe, destroying everything we know as is, and creating new laws of physics. The speed of expanding is the speed of light, so we would have no information whatsoever about it before it hits us. We will literally never see it coming.

The really scary and really useless part? There is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

loopystring , Greg Rakozy Report

Pooping can kill you because of a major nerve that is involved in the heart

Anti_was_here Report

Coconuts kill more people than sharks kill people every year.

SurkeyADH Report

A church in the czech republic knows as the sedlec ossuary or church of bones has decoration of skulls and other human bones. It is know for this church to hold remains of up to 40,000 humans.

logan_httx Report

There are some parts of the Universe that we’ll never, ever be able to see. No matter what we do. They’ll always remain just out of reach

Edit:I never had this much upvotes, Thanks to everyone

KingProMemo123 Report

you know nobody fully. you only see the sides they choose to show you. the only person you really, truly know is you, and even then, there’s your subconscious.

bleeblooplettuce Report

Whenever you walk near a mountain, there is a small chance that a falling boulder instantly crushes you to death.

MasterKaen Report

“You Are Hearing Dead People Laugh”: 79 Disturbing Facts That May Leave You Feeling Unsettled Alright I collected some of my favourite scary facts from an app I really like called Thunder Dungeon.
They have all types of memes and facts and stuff so it was all written in pictures I had to manually write them down.

1. There’s an episode of sesame street that had to be pulled off the air in 76′ cause it was so scary, parents complained their children are screaming in horror at the TV.

2. There’s a disease nicknamed Ondine’s Curse, which causes suffers to die if they fall asleep.

3. On August 26th 1968, every TV in America shut down for 25 seconds, there was a murmuring sound coming from the TV and people reported hearing a demon.

4. In 1994 a man was arrested for dressing as the grim reaper and standing outside old people’s homes.

5. It only takes about 7 pounds of pressure to rip off an ear.

6. There is an island in Italy that is supposedly so haunted that the government forbids the public from visiting it.

7. There’s a syndrome called Charles Bonnet Syndrome that have been called “a window into a parallel universe”. People who has it are prone to seeing bright lights, weird shapes and scary faces. The thing about this syndrome is that all those who suffer from it are almost exclusively blind or vision impaired.

8. When a bear attacks you, he will most likely start eating you alive rather than killing you first.

9. At any possible moment, Earth could be hit be a Gamma Ray Burst which will extinguish most if not all life on the planet.

10. A woman in St.Louis was watching a TV documentary about a serial killer who tortured and killed women, when she realized she was living in his former apartment.

11. There’s a Caterpillar so poisonous, just brushing your finger on to it can cause internal bleeding in your brain.

12. In 1942, a man known as the phantom barber would break into people’s house while they were sleeping to steal a lock from their hair. He was never identified.

13. There’s a fish called a Stone Fish, it’s so venomous that if you step on it you could die in 20 minutes.

14. According to a recent study, 1 in 5 CEOs demonstrated psychopathic traits. Another population with similar proportions of psychopaths is the prison population.

15. There was a guy from New York who owned a car with the license plate 5V 1732. He died on May 17, 1932.

That’s all folks!

Edit: fact number three, the time of the shut down was 25 seconds, not minutes.

anon , Wendy Piersall Report

When the Spartacus Revolt was put down, the legions placed 6,000 crucified slaves alongside the Appian Way, the main road leading to Rome.

Imagine walking for miles into Washington, DC, with the screams of men accompanying you every step of the way, hundreds upon hundreds of people being nailed to wood and left to rot.

Sanctimonius Report

[Bigfin squids](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDW4IYVlbbw)

also 95% of the ocean hasn’t been properly explored so who knows what could be down there.

ventisone Report

Every website that you had visited is recorded in someone’s computer.

SebitaxD17 Report

You can have a heart muscle disease and never know it, and possibly die.

True story, my dad had a cardiac arrest last November (he’s 49yo) because apparently he has a heart muscle disease. Never showed any signs, works out regularly, relatively young – and he almost died out of nothing.

anon Report

People used to rip out the teeth of dead soldiers on battlefields to sell for dentures.

JimmyL2014 Report

Dogs love squeaky toys because the sound mimics small animal’s cries of agony after being bitten.

JimmyL2014 Report

That one day the planet Mercury will get eaten by the sun. But in the 1% chance it actually flings out of orbit, (it’s useless to us because we won’t be around), it could potentially (mind you it’s a low chance for this to happen) hit Venus or maybe even Earth and send flying particles all over the system. The reason why it would get thrown out is because Jupiter is actually tugging on it and making its orbit more elliptical and may eventually get thrown out entirely.

Galaxy_214 Report

Scientists don’t know what matter is like inside neutron stars, but some theorize it’s a kind of “strange matter” that, if it exists, may turn everything it touches into strange matter. If two neutron stars collide (which does happen) microscopic strange matter particles could fly through space until they eventually reach Earth, at which point the planet and everything on it would turn into strange matter and be destroyed.

WreckNRepeat Report

Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you immediately stop perceiving stimulations around you. It takes a bit for your brain to die of oxygen deprivation and shut down. So there’s a good chance that when you die that you’re trapped in your body realizing you’re dead with no way to stop it.

This fact has been semi-confirmed by people who experience temporary death in hospitals, and recall nurses and doctors rushing around them trying to revive them.

MarlyMonster Report

The Andromeda galaxy getting closer at 430 000km/h but it will hit the milky way in 4 billon years and anyway, the stars are so distant from each other that just a few of them will be destroyed.

Ou_pwo Report

The stronger the gravitational field, the longer time is. This said, blackholes have the strongest gravitational pull in existence and as it pulls you apart atom-by-atom time will slow down the closer you get. Because of this, near the center your pain will be limitless and time will practically stop around you as you feel this pain. Just FYI.

LinkBrecken Report

Every breath you’ve ever taken has particles of blood in it albeit incredibly small and they won’t effect you in anyway but still there

ethanispro123 Report

For me, it’s the fact that you can go crazy at any point, and even worse, you could have already lost it and you’d have a great chance of never finding out, making it virtually impossible to stop the trip downwards.

nixfay Report

The probability dying due to accident while riding a bike is more than while flying in a plane

kalyugikangaroo Report

Just the ocean. I love seafood but DAMN wtf is with the s**t in there?!?! And also whatever sickness happens when you rise to the surface too fast or when equipment fails when you’re really far down AaAAAAAAAAAA

Daiyahoo Report

You can jump without a parachute only once.

anon Report

A standard uranium fission reactor loses a significant portion of its energy of fission as neutrino (not to be confused with neutron) radiation that is not stopped by shielding. In fact the entire Earth is unlikely to stop a neutrino.

But that’s nothing. You are being bombarded with even more neutrino radiation from the sun, day AND night. Night too because, again, the entire thickness of the Earth does not effectively stop neutrinos.

However, the thing is, neutrinos are insubstantial “ghost” particles. They pass through anything without having any effect whatsoever except in VERY rare cases. They are phenomenally difficult to detect, because they almost never interact with a detector, even the best designs we can think of.

Oznog99 Report

You are more likely to find a dead body under your bed than in your garage

chubbi_beeb Report

Pumpkins = Berries

I’m sorry redditors but it had to come to this..

Edit: for anyone who doesn’t believe me, here is a the link to the Wikipedia page which has a larger list of botanic berries.

Stay strong if your known world is unraveling.

_Maveryk_ Report

The amount of force used to bite a baby carrot in half is as much force as you need to bite your finger in half.

Edit: (Or at least partially sever it, for those of you getting super worked up about this, jeez)

_unique_username_27_ Report

There is a guy in the world who died from the most minor injury.

…And somehow, this half-bothered comment is the one that turns out to have thousands of upvotes.

FireyDeath4 Report



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